Classic!!, Hard to find in this condition... 1992 Williams " Fish Tales " pinball machine -EXCELLENT Condition!

Everything works 100%, Super Nice Example of this Title!!!!!

Strategically placed colored LED lamps, *NOT* entire kit/throughout machine.


Simply put.... You can't find one nicer in all original condition as this example.... equal maybe, nicer? NEVER!!
This is all original with the exception of some strategically placed LED lamps, and freshly powder coated legs (and rubber rings, of course those or not the originals... LOL).

On the subject of freshly powder coated legs.... pictures here show Bally style legs.... I was waiting on a batch of legs to come back from my powder coat guy.... the game will come with the proper style Williams ribbed legs (since powder coated, the chrome is silver powder coat, that VERY closely resembles chrome).

Pictures are ACTUAL pictures of the game being sold.
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